J. C. Cameron Brueckner is Partner and lead Filmmaker for Cloak and Dagger Productions, LLC. After graduating from the University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television, Brueckner produced and directed Vineyard Voices (2007), a series of educational shorts about organic and/or biodynamic wineries in California. He then took a staff position at DuArt Film and Video in New York. As a producer and online editor, Brueckner managed and conformed projects across the spectrum from feature films, including Leon Gast’s award winning documentary Smash His Camera (2010), Ghett’a Life (2010), and The Miracle of Spanish Harlem (2013) to broadcast television shows such as Cartoon Network’s flagship series Pokémon and G4’s 2 Months, 2 Million. Brueckner also contributed to sundry commercial and short-form projects including James Franco’s short films Herbert White (2010) and The Clerk’s Tale (2010).

Brueckner served as the Post-Production Supervisor for Nate Taylor’s award winning directorial debut, Forgetting the Girl (2012) before leaving DuArt in 2011 to focus on Cloak and Dagger.  Currently, he is directing and producing his first full-length feature film, War for the Web (2015), a documentary which explores the relationship between the physical infrastructure behind the Internet and the current political conflicts from personal privacy to national security. As War for the Web approaches finishing, Brueckner is developing several projects including feature narrative The Fittest, written by fellow Lawrentian Matt Zullo, and feature narrative Dark Jungle, which he is facilitating alongside Portmanteau Films.

In addition to Brueckner’s focus on film and video, he is expanding his purview into photography and creative writing.